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We provide creative solutions where design and content combine to engage, inform and inspire. But whatever the project, we always start by listening to your priorities, issues and challenges.



    Assessing materiality


    GRI Standards consultancy and implementation


    Analysing and representing data


    Developing issue-based communications campaigns

We have been helping organisations to produce best-practice sustainability reports and associated communications for more than 10 years.

We provide consultancy, creative, editorial and digital implementation to help clients to convey their sustainability vision, performance and progress in a way that engages their key stakeholders. And our experience of large-scale projects means we can make the process smoother and easier.

 A blueprint for sustainability

Our 13-year reporting journey with Ford

With our help, Ford’s sustainability reporting has evolved to become not only award-winning but world-leading.

 Communicating impact creatively

Tailoring content through issue-focused reports for JPMorgan Chase & Co.

We’re helping JPMorgan Chase & Co. to engage a global audience in its corporate responsibility work to grow economic opportunity around the world.

Integrated Reporting


    Identifying capitals and value chains


    Developing business models


    Translating approaches into strategies, targets and KPIs


    Communicating clearly to investors and other stakeholders

As well as our financial reporting experience, our long track record of communicating sustainability means we’re well placed to support organisations moving to integrated reporting.

We are proud to have helped Anglian Water, Crest Nicholson and the Duchy of Cornwall to tell a more holistic value creation story that goes beyond the financial. We are also working with several other organisations that are exploring ways to use reporting as a catalyst for more integrated thinking.

 Towards integrated reporting

Telling the Duchy of Cornwall’s value creation story

The Duchy of Cornwall is using IIRC principles to articulate what sustainable stewardship means.

 Materiality matters

Helping Crest Nicholson address its key issues

Crest Nicholson’s first integrated report reflects the issues that matter most to its stakeholders, thanks to a comprehensive materiality review.



    Understanding and clarifying the key messages


    Identifying the main audiences


    Finding the best communications channels

Businesses want their employees, customers and suppliers to be excited about their story. They want stakeholders to understand and align with what they stand for, and to be informed about what they are doing and the direction they are taking. So we always start by listening, to really get ‘under the skin’ of an organisation.

Our recent engagement projects include cascading responsible sourcing information to Nestlé’s employees and producing ‘our sustainability story’ animations for Veolia UK & Ireland staff.

 Communicating complex content

Going behind the scenes of Nestlé’s supply chain

Given the scale and diversity of Nestlé’s agricultural supply chain, addressing responsible sourcing issues is a multi-layered communications challenge.

 Does your message resonate?

Presenting at the Sustainability Communications Forum

Our break-out session at the 2015 Sustainability Communications Forum aimed to inspire attendees to create sustainability communications with real impact.

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